Central Asia

IWPR has been working with reporters, editors and rights groups across the five Central Asian states for more than a decade.

We currently have three projects – one region-wide, one focusing on Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and another in Tajikistan. Overall, this programming seeks to strengthen accurate, balanced reporting and to strengthen the links between media and human rights groups.

Latest Reports

Former Osh mayor Melis Myrzakmatov. (Photo: Ernist Nurmatov)
13 Dec 13
Melis Myrzakmatov forging new alliance to secure his political future.
Suhaila Nawruz and Abdusattar Bakhtiyar with their daughter in Dushanbe. (Photo courtesy of S. Nawruz)
12 Dec 13
Lost paperwork an obstacle to those seeking asylum or permanent residence.
Gulmira Birjanova. (Photo courtesy of G Birjanova)
11 Dec 13
Comment: Draconian laws made for the press now being turned on web users.
Kyrgyzstan's central prosecution service premises in Bishkek. (Photo: Kyrgyz prosecutor's office)
10 Dec 13
Limited success in combating violence in detention as culture of impunity persists.