Central Asia

IWPR has been working with reporters, editors and rights groups across the five Central Asian states for more than a decade.

We currently have three projects – one region-wide, one focusing on Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and another in Tajikistan. Overall, this programming seeks to strengthen accurate, balanced reporting and to strengthen the links between media and human rights groups.

Latest Reports

A newspaper kiosk in Kazakstan. (Photo: Irina Mednikova)
10 Jan 14
Worn down by penalties for minor infringements, the independent press is being quietly stifled.
Zayd Saidov. (Photo: Elita magazine)
8 Jan 14
Convicted of corruption and sexual offences, Zayd Saidov was arrested shortly after setting up an opposition party.
22 Dec 13
Heavy-handed tactics failing to slow recruitment by extremist groups.
Kyrgyz prime minister Jantoroo Satybaldiev. (Photo: Kyrgyz government website)
19 Dec 13
Calls for mine to be renationalised are cover for many interests.