Central Asia

IWPR has been working with reporters, editors and rights groups across the five Central Asian states for more than a decade.

We currently have three projects – one region-wide, one focusing on Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and another in Tajikistan. Overall, this programming seeks to strengthen accurate, balanced reporting and to strengthen the links between media and human rights groups.

Latest Reports

Labour and welfare minister Serik Abdenov, before his removal over the pensions fiasco. (Photo: Kazakstan prime minister's website)
17 Jun 13
Government backs down on controversial bill after pressure from women’s groups.
14 Jun 13
NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan adds urgency to Russian policymaking, regional expert says.
6 Jun 13
Government's opponents are using local grievances to pursue their own interests, analysts say.
Umarali Quvvvatov (right) with his lawyer Nikolai NIkolaev in Dubai. (Photo courtesy of N. Nikolaev)
5 Jun 13
Authorities seem to fear Moscow is considering a replacement for the current president.
3 Jun 13
Russia and three Central Asian states are pledging stronger defence cooperation, but Uzbekistan is having none of it.