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Turkmen radio - Inside View is an IWPR radio training and broadcast project for Turkmenistan, aimed at reducing the information blockade imposed by the current regime in the country. The material produced by Turkmen journalists is available on this website as soundfiles (in the Turkmen language) with accompanying texts in Turkmen, Russian and English. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Turkmen Service is using the Inside View stories in its broadcasts beamed into Turkmenistan.

PLEASE NOTE: The IWPR Turkmen Radio Project formally ended in January 2007. Project material will remain on the IWPR website as an archive in three languages.

Latest Stories

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21 Apr 2006
At the end of December, residents of three apartment blocks in the centre of Ashgabat were informed that the buildings were to be demolished and they would have to vacate their homes within three days. The evicted residents were not provided with any alternative housing.
21 Apr 2006
Turkmenistan is a multi-ethnic country and according to various estimates has up to 500,000 ethnic Uzbeks – making them the biggest minority at about nine per cent of the total population. Frontier regions in the north and northeast are densely populated by Uzbeks, a consequence of the fact that until the 1920s, the northern part of what is now Turkmenistan was part of the Uzbek Khanate of Khiva.
8 Apr 2006
С наступлением январских холодов зафиксированы частые случаи отравления газом среди населения. В одном только Ашхабаде за январь 2006 года от отравления газовыми испарениями скончалось 7 семей. Причиной отравления стала неисправная работа иранских газовых печек, которые население устанавливает в квартирах самостоятельно без уведомления и соответствующего разрешения городской газовой службы.
9 Mar 2006
7 Mar 2006
Angren was once the pride of Soviet Uzbekistan, but residents now scrape a miserable existence.
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