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Turkmen radio - Inside View is an IWPR radio training and broadcast project for Turkmenistan, aimed at reducing the information blockade imposed by the current regime in the country. The material produced by Turkmen journalists is available on this website as soundfiles (in the Turkmen language) with accompanying texts in Turkmen, Russian and English. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Turkmen Service is using the Inside View stories in its broadcasts beamed into Turkmenistan.

PLEASE NOTE: The IWPR Turkmen Radio Project formally ended in January 2007. Project material will remain on the IWPR website as an archive in three languages.

Latest Stories

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1 Dec 2008
The election promises made by the various candidates in the February 11 presidential poll in Turkmenistan have left some prospective voters cold, but others believe the pledges could translate into positive changes.
6 Feb 2007
Cautious optimism that Saparmurat Niazov’s heirs will slowly begin moving forward towards reforms.
18 Jan 2007
A presidential decision forcing provincial governments to pay for a meeting of the Halk Maslahati – a national congress that has more formal powers than the Turkmen parliament – is yet another drain on their limited resources.
18 Jan 2007
Muted reactions to the death of an omnipresent figure – and uncertainty about what now awaits the country.
17 Jan 2007
The government of Turkmenistan has imposed tighter security measures in advance of the election of a president to replace Saparmurad Niazov. Surveillance and other means of controlling the population have become tougher than ever.
22 Dec 2006
Officials convene emergency meeting to manage what may be a difficult transition.
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