Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project

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Funded by the European Commission and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry

Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project directly supports human rights defenders in all five Central Asian states by helping them develop efficient media and public outreach strategies to improve awareness and support and ensure human rights norms are respected and observed upon a daily basis across the region. The project delivers sustainable partnerships between media outlets and practitioners and the community of human rights’ defenders.

Story Archive

10 Aug 10
While some policemen have been tried for abusing detainees, experts say legislation is too loosely-worded to stamp out abuses.
2 Aug 10
Turkmen leader calls for private newspaper, but few local journalists take him at his word.
2 Aug 10
Torture in detention remains commonplace, activists say.
21 Jul 10
Activists say Kazak leaders have sidelined human rights from international group’s agenda.
Armed men roam the streets of Osh as a pall of smoke settles over the city. (Photo: Inga Sikorskaya)
13 Jul 10
Eyewitness accounts tell human stories behind bare statistics on June fatalities and destruction.

A complete listing of past stories can be found from the Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project programme archive