IWPR has worked throughout the Caucasus for more than a decade, managing a series of intensive training, mentoring, capacity-building and production projects and working with more than 1,200 media professionals at all levels throughout the region. IWPR’s regional focus shares information and builds professional links across community borders, helping to bridge the numerous conflict divides. Regional newspaper networks, local radio programming, conflict-sensitive reporting and investigative journalism projects all feed into public roundtables and conferences to extend public debate and drive impact.

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Onlookers examine the damage caused by a blast at the Azerbaijani Popular Front’s headquarters in Baku. (Photo: Afgan Mukhtarli)
6 Mar 2014
Popular Front party headquarters hit by “accidental” blast, followed by deliberate demolition on health and safety grounds.
5 Mar 2014
Speakers at IWPR debate discuss whether recent deterioration indicates worse is to come.
Georgian health minister David Sergeenko. (Photo: Georgian health ministry website)
4 Mar 2014
Regulations aim to clamp down on illegal trade and stop people devising their own cures.
Mariam Martirosyan, Armenia director for PH International. (Photo courtesy of M. Martirosyan)
2 Mar 2014
Everyone agrees community-based rehabilitation has worked, but the government doesn’t have the money to pick up the costs.
Anna Arganashvili of the Partnership for Human Rights in Georgia. (Photo courtesy of A. Arganashvili)
24 Feb 2014
Policy shift towards community care has not extended to children with disabilities.
Street in Shagan. (Photo: Aynur Elgunesh)
21 Feb 2014
They have proof they paid for their land, but the authorities say official documents don't mean a thing.
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