The Arab Spring

IWPR in-depth coverage of the revolutions and protest movements breaking out across the Middle East provides a platform for Arab journalists and activists to air their views on and analysis of the turmoil.

If you would like to contribute your stories, photographs or videos please contact IWPR editor Daniella Peled, or for more information see the Arab Spring Project Profile.

Latest Reports

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(Photo: IWPR Tunisia)
5 Sep 12
Participants build networks and develop skills in reporting, blogging and production.
Abdulbaset Sieda, head of the opposition Syrian National Council since June 2012. (Photo: Syrian National Council website)
5 Jul 12
Disconnect from conflict on the ground saps confidence in overseas political movement.
Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces hard choices about what do to on Syria, (Photo: Agencia Brasil/Wiki Commons)
29 Jun 12
Alarm at downing of Turkish fighter plane, but no appetite for military intervention.
11 Jun 12
Opposition divided between advocates of violent and peaceful means of resolving conflict.
Moroccan army colonel Ahmed Himmiche, head of the UN Military Observers team deployed in Syria, is approached by Homs resident as he and his officers patrol the city. (UN Photo/Neeraj Singh)
1 May 12
Rate of shelling has fallen since United Nations team arrived in the area, but locals fear government forces will hit back with a vengeance when monitors leave.
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