IWPR has played a leading role in the professionalization of the media within Afghanistan – establishing a vital leadership cadre of local media professionals throughout the country and across dozens of media institutions to assist in creating and sustaining vibrant and responsible journalism as a central pillar of public debate and accountability. Launching our work in 2002, IWPR established Pajhwok, the nation’s first independent news agency. IWPR’s current focus in Afghanistan is on strengthening in-depth reporting through the creation of a network of media centers of excellence across the country.

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Afghan musicians at a poetry festival in Farah, western Afghanistan, in May 2010. (Photo: US Air Force Senior Airman Rylan K. Albright/ISAF/Wikimedia Commons)
24 Mar 2014
Traditional musicians say rising security threats are driving them to leave the country or seek safer work.
19 Mar 2014
Merchants in Khost province say contraband goods undermine legitimate trade with Pakistan.
17 Mar 2014
Villagers in southeastern region say community-based scheme has carried out hundreds of small-scale projects in the last ten years.
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