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IWPR Editorial Comment

One of the world’s most repressive states promises all sorts of freedom.
Authorities repressive and responsive by turn, but the old social contract has been torn up.
Violence has dealt a blow to all that has been achieved since the end of civil war.
Prosecuting journalists for reporting on sensitive topics is shooting the messenger.
Leading Russian analyst says Tajikistan’s leaders overestimate how much they can pressure world powers to secure lucrative military base deals.
Death of veteran militant leader proves truth of warnings that fighters were infiltrating from Afghanistan.
President Nazarbaev has caught everyone on the hop by calling a snap election in April. (Photo: Serik Kovlanbaev)
President Nazarbaev offers “lesson in democracy” by dropping plans to extend current term, but slips in an early election instead.
Alexei Malashenko.
Symbiosis, not great power rivalry the way forward, leading expert Alexei Malashenko says.