IWPR Project Reviews

Overview of important programme outcomes and activities.

June - July 2011

IWPR Iraq Facebook page: Iraq Human Rights Media Links.

As part of its Human Rights Media Links, HRML, programme, IWPR has created a new Facebook page in Arabic (See IWPR - Iraq Human Rights Media Links) to inform and connect a network of lawyers, journalists, activists and others interested in human rights issues.

IWPR Iraq is raising awareness of human rights with a new advocacy programme aimed at enabling the media and civil society to press effectively for change.

April - May 2011

Iraqi media say IWPR assistance has played a significant role in helping them maintain and improve their operations.

February - March 2011

Iraqi journalists at IWPR's Iraq office in Baghdad take part in a webchat with Al-Jazeera journalist Ayman Mohyeldin, during which they discussed citizen journalism and social media. (Photo: Haider Khudhr/IWPR)

Twenty members of IWPR's journalist network in Iraq have taken part in a webchat with Al-Jazeera English correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin about the growing power of social media and citizen journalism in the Arab world.

December 2010 - January 2011

Najaf journalists who attended a recent IWPR journalism course featuring an introduction to social media say they are now exploiting it to network with colleagues and discuss story ideas.

Baghdad-based reporter Khalid Waleed (left) accepting the award. (Photo: IWPR)

An IWPR-trained journalist has been awarded a press courage prize for an investigative report exposing alleged antiques smuggling from the Iraqi museum in Baghdad, which led to the firing of the museum’s manager.

October - November 2010

Documentaries produced by IWPR-trained women filmmakers were nominated for awards at a documentary festival in Halabja, Iraqi Kurdistan. (Photo: IWPR)

Two women filmmakers whose work was recognised last month at the first-ever documentary film festival in Iraqi Kurdistan have cited IWPR training as a major influence in their careers.

Baghdad reporters say their journalism has improved after attending a recent training course at IWPR’s head office in the Iraqi capital.

August - September 2010

Prominent Iraqi activists and journalists say IWPR Iraq’s television reports have bolstered human rights campaign work and broadened media coverage of rights issues.

Participants in a groundbreaking conference on new media, sponsored by IWPR and IREX, have said it served to highlight information technology’s vital role in supporting the country’s nascent democracy.

Jun - July 2010

Growing republication of IWPR’s acclaimed Iraqi Crisis Reports, ICRs, which editors and readers say provide impartial stories in a media landscape tainted by bias, are further evidence of the credibility of its editorial output.

April - May 2010

Metro Centre to Defend Journalists coordinator Rahman Gharib (centre) leads a demonstration of 60 journalists on April 22 to protest over an upsurge in violence against the press. (Photo: Haidar Omar)

Iraqi journalists say the skills they have acquired from IWPR training and mentoring have played a crucial role in helping them get good jobs in local media organisations.

February - March 2010

IWPR Iraq’s stories on impoverished women in Anbar have prompted provincial officials to step up efforts to help them.

December 2009 - January 2010

The Iraqi educations ministry said an IWPR on the school curriculum supported its goal of producing non-sectarian textbooks.

An Iraqi education ministry official said an IWPR Iraq special report on sectarianism in the new religious education curriculum has prompted a review of its content.

October - November 2009

An elderly former guerrilla in Iraqi Kurdistan has received financial assistance from a top official in the region's government as a result of an IWPR story that described his struggle to earn a living.

September 2009

Stills from episodes of IWPR's human rights TV Magazine.

IWPR Iraq is producing a television news magazine programme that educates citizens on human rights and provides a platform for activists and political leaders to debate and problem-solve issues.

July - August 2009

Metro magazine cover, 03-Aug-09.

The July 25 elections in Iraqi Kurdistan were also comprehensively covered in a groundbreaking IWPR project.

Iraq: March - August 2008

Other Half trainees from Karbala, July 2008. (Photo: IWPR)

During the last six months, the IWPR Iraq project has continued to provide training and mentoring, particularly for female journalists.

 In August, women’s activists and journalists acknowledged that IWPR’s work in Iraq has raised awareness of women’s issues. Its reports have even captured the attention of the country’s policy makers, they said.

Sahar al-Haideri honoured in the 2008 Amnesty International Awards.

In June, Iraqi journalist and former IWPR trainee Sahar al-Haideri, who was murdered by gunmen in her home town of Mosul on June 7, 2007, was honoured in the Amnesty International Media Awards 2008.

IWPR Training course held in Sulaimaniyah in 2008. (Photo: IWPR)

As part of its continuing commitment to bolster Iraqi media, IWPR is soon to launch a safety course for journalists in the country– called Safety and Security and Legal Protection.