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IWPR Editorial Comment

US military banner is furled in a ceremony to mark the end of US military operations in Iraq, December 15, 2011. (Photo: Sgt. Jessica M. Kuhn, XVIII Airborne Corps PAO/US Army)
Does end of military mission expose Iraq to new dangers?
Arab countries embracing democracy should learn from the costly mistakes made in Iraq’s post-Saddam era.
Female IWPR journalist planning to go abroad experiences extent of gender inequality in her country.
Death of journalist and subsequent crackdown on press freedom have raised serious questions about claim that region is democratic model for rest of country.
Online access remains a big problem for Iraqis, undermining their right to freedom on expression.
Iraqi Kurdistan enjoys a vibrant media scene, but it remains beset with a multitude of problems.
Time for Iraqi leaders to take steps to prevent regional players moving in to further their own agendas.
Smaller parties should break stalemate by backing one of the two main parties.
Recent deadly bombing underscores fraught future of Iraqi tribal force that fought insurgents.
There’s a need to build a national consensus over issues that are important for the Iraqi voter over next four years.