Programme Staff

Regional Director for Western Balkans

Merdijana Sadović joined IWPR in 2004, originally as a reporter, and now as a Tribunal Programme senior editor. She was a field producer for ABC News and their Sarajevo bureau chief from 1995 till 2004, covering the war in Bosnia, the deployment of NATO troops and post-war reconstruction. Merdijana is also an experienced radio journalist, who worked for the Bosnian National Radio and various local radio stations for ten years, as a producer, host and editor-in-chief.

Senior Reporter

Rachel Irwin joined IWPR in 2008 and has provided extensive coverage of trials at both the ICC and ICTY. She also writes about transitional justice issues in the Western Balkans, and her reports have dealt with topics such as the denial of mass atrocities in Bosnia and the controversy over memorials for victims. Prior to joining IWPR, Rachel lived and worked in India, South Korea and Jerusalem. She has a master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.