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Round-up of news and developments in IWPR programmes around the world.

Panelists at an IWPR round table on the Bosnian census, held on December 20 in Sarajevo. (Photo: IWPR)
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Experts say the process was manipulated to suit political ends and stir ethnic tensions.
Milan and Smilja Vidovic, who decided to donate organs of their deceased son to both Bosniaks and Serbs. (Still from New Life documentary by IWPR)
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Banja Luka audience moved by IWPR film on parents’ decision to donate son’s organs without regard for ethnic divides.
Film screening followed by a discussion in Brčko. (Photo: Velma Šarić)
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Teenagers explore issues of tolerance after viewing documentary series.
Participants of the round table - students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Eastern Sarajevo, departments of journalism and sociology. (Photo: Mladen Lakic)
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Young people need more awareness of LGBT issues, participants say.
Poster for the film An Episode in the Life of an Iron-Picker. (Poster design by Fabrika, Sarajevo)
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Bosnian reporter helped produce award-winning feature on Roma.
Round-table organised by IWPR, held in Sarajevo on 28-Nov-12. (Photo: Vildana Drljevic)
Reporting Impact
IWPR report and accompanying film pinpoint deep flaws in the way traumatised victims are treated when they agree to testify.
Training workshop on transitional justice and human rights, Sarajevo, November 10-12, 2012. (Photo: Ajdin Kamber)
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New round of IWPR training and production to generate TV, radio and print content.
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Viewers in seven Balkan countries can now watch Bosnians' thoughtful reflections on brutal conflict.
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Schoolchildren too young to remember war admit they are still weighed down with the prejudices of their elders.
High school pupils in Pancevo, Serbia, watch one of the IWPR-produced films. (Photo: Iva Martinovic)
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Documentaries stir debate among young people in Bosnia and Serbia.