Story Behind the Story


The Story Behind the Story gives an insight into the work that goes into IWPR articles and the challenges faced by our trainees at every stage of the editorial process.

This feature allows our journalists to explain where they get the inspiration for their articles, why the subjects matter to them, and how they personally have felt affected by the often controversial issues they explore.

It also shows the difficulties writers can face as they try to get to the heart of a story.

31 Oct 2011

“After you were raped in 2003 did you go see a doctor?” asked Nick Kaufman, the lawyer representing alleged Congolese warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba, detained in The Hague on charges for war crimes and crimes against humanity since 2008.

11 Jun 2011

I could finally write the kind of article I’d wanted to write for a very long time: that Congo can do well if it wants to.  It is just a matter of will.  For the first time, I was given hope that if there is good will, justice can be done.  I was proud to be Congolese.

Lubumbashi residents appear to have more faith in the judiciary after the son of a leading local politician was convicted of murder. (Photo: Mike Rosenberg/Flickr)
2 Feb 2011

I met him in a cramped law firm located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Uganda’s crowded capital Kampala.

13 Dec 2010

I first got the idea to write about the exploitation of young girls when I visited a friend in Bibia, 100 kilometres north of Gulu and not far from Uganda’s border with Sudan.

6 Aug 2010

Since the end of 1992, Lubumbashi – the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo – has seen its streets flooded by children, as war and economic hardship have torn families apart.

23 Feb 2010

I first got the idea to write about violence against female prisoners while visiting my cousin, who was serving time in prison.

10 Apr 2008

With some apprehension, I began my journey to my home village, a place I had not been ever since the rebel war in northern Uganda began many years ago.

4 Mar 2008

It is difficult to find anyone in northern Uganda who has not been affected by the LRA insurgency.

31 Jan 2008

The dirt road leading north from Lira in northern Uganda was quiet. This was December, the beginning of the dry season, and in the distance, burning dead grass sent white smoke billowing skyward.

3 Jan 2008

A visit to Goma Central Prison - nicknamed Munzenze which means impenetrable - was never going to be easy.