IWPR Project Reviews

Overview of important programme outcomes and activities.

June - July 2011

Uhaki News website available at http://uhakinews.net/

A group of female journalists working in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, have set up their own website to get stories on justice and rights issues out to a wider audience.

IWPR has joined up with a local media development organisation, the Northern Uganda Media Club, NUMEC, to launch a year-long apprenticeship scheme for three of its reporters in northern Uganda.

April - May 2011

IWPR training event held in Goma. (Photo: IWPR)

Ten IWPR trainee reporters from the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, participated in an innovative journalism training session in Goma organised in partnership with Voices of Africa Media Foundation, VOAMF, in May.

February - March 2011

Two IWPR trainees practicing interviewing techniques during a radio training session in June 2010. (Photo: Melanie Gouby)

Following the completion of internships for two Congolese journalists in The Hague, the producer of IWPR’s radio programme in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, has returned to the region to spearhead upcoming developments in the project.

Organisations advancing the rights of women and others who were uprooted by the conflict in northern Uganda have told IWPR of the crucial support that its Facing Justice radio programme is providing to those now seeking to rebuild their lives.

December 2010 - January 2011

An IWPR trained-journalist from the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, had the opportunity to learn about the workings of the International Criminal Court, ICC, as well as improve her journalistic skills when she visited The Hague for a month-long internship in January.

October - November 2010

IWPR reporter Jimmy Wokorach interviews a local resident about the prevalence of small arms in communities in Kitgum District, northern Uganda. (Photo: IWPR)

A three-week training and mentoring programme for IWPR’s broadcast journalists in northern Uganda helped to prepare the ground for the re-launch in November of Facing Justice, a biweekly radio programme on justice and human rights issues in the region.

Two female radio journalists working for a Goma-based station have significantly improved their skills and gained in confidence as a result of IWPR training in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the director of the station.

August - September 2010

IWPR’s coverage of Thomas Kwoyelo, an alleged Ugandan rebel commander who was held for more than a year in Gulu jail without charge, played a part in expediting his transfer to Kampala to face trial on war crimes charges, according to a prospective parliamentary candidate.

IWPR training course held in the eastern Congolese town of Goma. (Photo: IWPR)

An IWPR course has helped women journalists from the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, learn how to cover human rights abuses, in particular sexual violence that continues to blight the country.

Jun - July 2010

The home of the provincial parliament of Katanga, where opposition members say they are intimidated by supporters of the UNAFEC party of parliament speaker Gabriel Kyungu. (Photo: Nick Hobgood)

IWPR’s coverage of young political activists in Katanga who intimidate politicians during parliamentary sessions has been hailed as an example of how articles published in the international press can make a difference in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC.

April - May 2010

On the Scale raises important legal issues affecting Darfuris such these IDPs in the Zam Zam camp. (Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)

Listeners in Sudan have told how, after six months on air, IWPR’s radio programme on justice issues in Sudan has made a real difference to their lives.

February - March 2010

Ugandans listeners eager to vent their views after listening to IWPR show on international justice.

December 2009 - January 2010

IWPR has produced a three-part series on sexual violence in Darfur for the radio programme Fi al Mizan (On the Scale), in cooperation with Radio Dabanga, a radio station run by Darfuri journalists in The Netherlands which broadcasts to over one million listeners in Sudan and eastern Chad. 

October - November 2009

Project staff travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, in November to give a three-day training course on operating in a conflict zone for women journalists in North Kivu province.

September 2009

IWPR senior reporter, Simon Jennings, travelled to Gulu in northern Uganda along with IWPR's Uganda programme coordinator, Wairagala Wakabi, to train a group of broadcast journalists on reporting justice and human rights issues. 

July - August 2009

Thomas Lubanga in the ICC courtroom. (Photo: ICC)

As part of its outreach work, IWPR Netherlands went to the city of Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, to talk to people on the ground about the impact of the Thomas Lubanga trial.

International Justice/ICC: March - August 2008

Farmer discussing reconstruction of northern Uganda. (Photo: IWPR)

In early August, an IWPR special investigation into suspected corruption relating to a long-running reconstruction project in war-torn northern Uganda sparked a demonstration in the town of Lira.

Village in Uganda visited by IWPR reporters. (Photo: IWPR)

The series of stories on the alleged corruption sabotaging the redevelopment of the north were produced by journalists who had just attended an IWPR investigative reporting seminar in Uganda.

In July, IWPR Hague-based staff worked with trainees in Khartoum to give local reaction to the ICC prosecution request to issue an arrest warrant against Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir.

Bogoro villagers discussing a massacre in 2003. (Photo: IWPR)

In June, the ICC project announced plans to produce a fortnightly radio show – Facing Justice – to be broadcast across DRC.

Khartoum, Sudan. (Photo: IWPR)

In early June, ICC staff Lisa Clifford and Katy Glassborow travelled to Khartoum as part of a needs-assessment exercise, in advance of a training programme tentatively scheduled for this November.

IWPR workshop in Bunia, DRC. (Photo: IWPR)

In June, Eichstaedt also conducted training in eastern DRC. The session on international justice and the ICC was held for eight radio and print reporters in the Ituri town of Bunia.

In May, regular IWPR contributor Caroline Ayugi from Gulu in Uganda flew over to The Hague to work as an intern in the IWPR office.

Jean- Pierre Bemba Gombo. (Photo: ICC)

The ICC project’s coverage of the arrest of DRC’s former vice-president and opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba on war crimes charges was widely republished and circulated among victims groups in the country.

Refuged children near Rutshuru in North Kivu province in DRC. (Photo: IWPR)

During the last six months, the ICC project has followed the movements of the LRA, which is currently based in the Garamba national park in DRC, from where the rebels were taking part in the now moribund peace process.

In March, staff in the Hague office celebrated becoming a registered Dutch charity – Stichting IWPR-Nederland – at a ceremony attended by journalists, diplomats, legal experts and jurists from international tribunals, including the ICC.