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IWPR Editorial Comment

Government’s decision to delete clause granting reprieve to former combatants could be a backward step in combating the rebel force.
Region is struggling to address numerous social and health crisis, and goading rebel group into retaliation could be disastrous.
International Court of Justice in The Hague. (Photo: ICJ/Wikicommons)
Former leader of Chad has escaped prosecution for years, but wheels of justice are now slowly turning.
Victory for incumbent president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is good news despite election boycott by her chief opponent.
Flawed preparations for upcoming ballot means results likely to be disputed, and may even provoke violence.
Delivering justice and reconstruction is essential to the future of the younger generation in northern Uganda. (Photo: The Advocacy Project/Flickr)
Authorities should not miss chance to deliver justice following 20-year conflict with northern rebels.
While they have talked about rallying around a single leader to contest presidential elections later this year,  squabbling  has made consensus impossible.
The Security Council’s referral of Libya to the Hague court highlights the limitations of international justice.
US president has mourned murder of Ugandan Gay activist – Ugandan leaders should do the same.
Disputed area of southern Sudan remains a potential flashpoint– but not because of its oil resources.