Afghan Election Updates 2009

Candidate Profiles A look at some of the candidates in Afghanistan's presidential election.
Afghanistan - A Timeline Key events in the history of Afghanistan since 2000.

11 Aug 2009
Growing concerns that precarious security situation could scupper upcoming leadership poll.
5 Aug 2009
Some local analysts believe Washington may have taken an indirect swipe at president’s re-election campaign.
31 Jul 2009

HSayed Yaqub Ibrahimi

Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi
IWPR Afghanistan staff reporter

With more than three weeks to go before Afghanistan’s presidential election on August 20, competition is already warming up between the 41 candidates.

31 Jul 2009
Local say threats by insurgents and presence of foreign troops cast shadow over upcoming elections.
31 Jul 2009
A month before elections, a media monitoring unit alleges that the incumbent is unfairly dominating the airwaves.
31 Jul 2009
Independent electoral commission says few of those competing for the post are eligible to do so.
3 Nov 2009

Afghanistan’s elections were never going to be perfect; this is, as we are constantly reminded, not Switzerland. But the process that began with a massively fraudulent vote on August 20 and ended with a default win on Monday, November 2, far surpassed the American president’s description of it as “messy”.