Afghan Election Updates 2009

Candidate Profiles A look at some of the candidates in Afghanistan's presidential election.
Afghanistan - A Timeline Key events in the history of Afghanistan since 2000.

19 Aug 2009
With vote only days away, many government officials worried about disputes over outcome turning violent.
14 Aug 2009
Many believe outcome of ballot will be determined by foreign powers.
14 Aug 2009
In parts of the province, bribery and intimidation are said to be rife.
17 Aug 2009
Many voters are likely to stay away from the polls for fear of Taleban revenge.

14 Aug 2009
Money talks as presidential roadshow comes to Balkh province.

13 Aug 2009
Reporter tells how clerics urge Afghans to boycott August 20 vote.

14 Aug 2009
Split in a group supporting the president could harm his re-election campaign.
11 Aug 2009
Military operations against the Taleban may have failed to prepare Helmand for polling.
6 Aug 2009
Many women will be prevented from voting in Afghanistan’s elections by the men who control their lives.
6 Aug 2009
Northern province sees bitter face-off between powerful governor and the Afghan president.

In this bustling metropolis of Afghanistan’s north, one face is conspicuously absent from the plethora of presidential election campaign posters.