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30 Jan 12
Talk of sectarian and ethnic schisms isn’t just regime propaganda, observers say.
3 Nov 11
Regime is given two weeks to withdraw troops, release prisoners and allow international organisations into Syria.
3 Oct 11
Questions raised about landmark council’s ability to bring together activists inside and outside the country.
2 Sep 11
Still unclear whether new measures will deal critical blow to regime.
18 Aug 11
Former friends supporters distance themselves as unrest continues in Syria.
20 Jul 11
Intellectuals give impetus to uprising as regime's policy of mass arrests fails to deter protesters.
30 Jun 11
Middle East expert Rime Allaf looks at the implications of an unprecedented meeting of activists in Damascus.
23 Jun 11
They say there can be no negotiation with president after recent developments.
17 May 11
Veteran broadcaster says official censorship of the revolution prompted her to join demonstrators in Tahrir Square.