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20 Mar 14
The resumption of high-level Azerbaijan-Armenian meetings is seen as positive, but experts doubt 2014 will bring even incremental progress in the long-running negotiations.
24 Dec 13
Turkey now says Armenia must mend fences with its other neighbour Azerbaijan before rapprochement can happen.
9 Dec 13
Russian leader Vladimir Putin seals renewed alliance with trip to Yerevan, although some take to the streets for Ukrainian-style protest.
4 Dec 13
Spread of virus linked to migrant population moving back and forth to Russia and Ukraine.
2 Dec 13
Presidents take a step forward by meeting face to face, but fundamental positions on Karabakh look as immovable as ever.
18 Oct 13
Long-awaited EU trade deal seems to have been upended by need to stay close to Moscow.
8 Aug 13
Immediate effect will be to ease visa process; broader trade benefits will come later.
25 Jul 13
Unable to match Baku’s big spending, Armenia relies on special relationship with Moscow.