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5 Jul 12
Disconnect from conflict on the ground saps confidence in overseas political movement.
1 May 12
Although National Transitional Council has presided over period of calm, critics say it hasn’t lived up to high hopes placed in it.
16 Apr 12
Critics of peace plan warn it might give President Bashar al-Assad breathing space to consolidate control.
21 Feb 12
Presidential referendum offers hope of change, even though there’s only one candidate.
16 Feb 12
Fears that President Assad now believes he has a free hand to crush rebellion by military force.
3 Feb 12
New diplomatic staff tasked with rebuilding relations and recovering stolen state assets. Deputy mission chief Ahmed Gebreel talks about breaking with the Gaddafi regime.
25 Jan 12
Progress needed on security, economy and governance to dispel unhappiness with transitional authorities.
21 Dec 11
Efforts to secure weapons continue but interim rulers face uphill struggle to disarm population.
16 Dec 11
Activists want to hold new leaders to original aims of revolution, even as public tires of protest.
1 Dec 11
Interim leader could replace Ali Abdullah Saleh as elected president but questions remain about how much he would be in control.