Recent Stories

24 Feb 12
Former police officer was in charge of crucial crossing-point between Serbia and Bosnia.
17 Feb 12
Former Bosnian Serb officer recalls colleagues discussing where to kill captives once enclave was taken.
10 Feb 12
Jelena Rasic sentenced for “grave” misdemeanour in war crimes trial.
10 Feb 12
Expert witness brought in Tolimir defence case argues that number of victims was exaggerated.
3 Feb 12
Jelena Rasic due to receive judgement and sentence in coming days.
3 Feb 12
Tolimir trial hears testimony that Mladic alone had command over military.
27 Jan 12
Witness claims former army general played only consultative role in allowing convoy access to Srebrenica.
21 Jan 12
Witness was member of “Arkan’s Tigers”.
13 Jan 12
Witness contributes testimony on early days of war in Doboj.
16 Dec 11
Prosecution alleges Serbia’s security service supported paramilitary groups.