Recent Stories

1 Jun 12
Court hears that defendant visited Croatia purely to do surveillance work.
1 Jun 12
Prosecution seeks life imprisonment for both former Bosnian Serb police officials.
25 May 12
Former intelligence service colleague says Franko Simatovic appeared unconnected with operations on the ground.
25 May 12
Convicted of killing over 130 civilians, he again tells judges he was wrongly identified by witnesses.
24 May 12
Court hears that “Red Berets” title could refer to other units.
18 May 12
Appeals bench hears that attacks came after legitimate military order was issued.
16 May 12
Schoolchildren too young to remember war admit they are still weighed down with the prejudices of their elders.
11 May 12
Former Serbian secret service officer discusses agency’s structure during conflict in Croatia.
4 May 12
Bosniak population fell by more than 50 per cent in municipalities cited in Karadzic indictment.
27 Apr 12
Former Bosnian Serb prime minister says he resigned after his warnings went unanswered.