Recent Stories

10 Nov 12
Experts talk about tribunal’s contribution to international law, and what it has meant to people in former Yugoslav states.
9 Nov 12
Former UN observer claims Serb units were not responsible for certain shelling incidents blamed on them.
2 Nov 12
Former United Nations officers express uncertainty over prosecution allegation that Serb unit fired fatal shell at Sarajevo market.
7 Sep 12
Defendant’s bid to halt current proceedings rejected.
24 Aug 12
Former Bosnian Serb army general requests full acquittal, saying prosecution has not proved his guilt.
23 Jul 12
Documentaries shown in once-divided city 20 years after start of Bosnian war.
13 Jul 12
More bodies laid to rest on 17th anniversary of massacre in eastern Bosnia.
29 Jun 12
Announcing two-year sentence, judge adds that defendant’s behaviour endangered court’s efficiency.
27 Jun 12
Defendant disputes court’s legality and refuses to testify.
15 Jun 12
Defendant says his rights have been denied and threatens not to participate in hearing.