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1 Feb 13
Bosnian Serb military chief said he "couldn't care less” when told of reports coming out of Srebrenica.
25 Jan 13
United Nations peacekeeping officer describes shelling and sniper rifle fire he observed.
18 Jan 13
Witness says his side only responded to "provocations" from forces within city.
11 Jan 13
Defence lawyer cites difficulties in obtaining full information about exhumed remains.
19 Dec 12
IWPR report and accompanying film pinpoint deep flaws in the way traumatised victims are treated when they agree to testify.
14 Dec 12
Brigade commander in siege of Sarajevo supports Karadzic argument that Bosnian Serb actions were defensive.
7 Dec 12
Former UN peacekeeping officer says Bosnian Serb gunfire was “wanton and indiscriminate”.
30 Nov 12
Defence witness testimony concerns mistreatment of Serbs by Bosnian government forces, rather than the crimes for which he is alleged to bear responsibility.
22 Nov 12
Local war crimes courts fail to provide adequate support to either traumatised victims or insider witnesses.
16 Nov 12
“Everyone was involved," former Serbian security officer says.