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3 May 13
Testimony relates to Serb military actions in eastern Croatia in 1991.
26 Apr 13
Defence alleges that before fall of Srebrenica, peacekeepers were preparing to “attack and fight” Bosnian Serb army.
19 Apr 13
Lawyer says maps of Srebrenica area seek to turn accusations into proven facts.
12 Apr 13
Defendant heard making disparaging remarks about witness who told court of Srebrenica massacre experiences.
15 Mar 13
Appeal concerns four convictions for Serbian assault on Kosovo Albanians in 1999.
8 Mar 13
Once hospital inmates were rounded up and driven away, he knew they "would not get out of this easily".
1 Mar 13
Former Yugoslav foreign minister says Bosnian Serb leader believed in tolerance.
22 Feb 13
Serbs took action only to defend themselves, says police officer from eastern municipality.
15 Feb 13
Former official says Bosnian Serb leaders’ harassment led to his mother’s death.
9 Feb 13
Police expert challenged on accuracy of methods used for investigating shell impacts.