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12 Jul 13
Thousands attend annual burial ceremony, this year for 409 people finally identified 18 years on.
5 Jul 13
“There's no way you could count every single man murdered by every single one of us”, says Srebrenica death squad member.
28 Jun 13
Witness claims officials were unable to curb militia rampage in Bosniak-majority town.
21 Jun 13
Former adviser insists Bosnian Serb president was never allowed to get involved in military operations.
14 Jun 13
He and one other man survived by playing dead.
7 Jun 13
“I was only following orders, but I took part in a horrible crime,” convicted army officer tells tribunal.
31 May 13
Jean-René Ruez led the tribunal’s investigation into mass killings, says evidence gathered from range of sources.
24 May 13
Witness Dane Katanic was local government official who met Radovan Karadzic after Srebrenica fell to Bosnian Serb army.
17 May 13
Prosecutors challenge credentials of ballistics expert who argues Bosnian Serbs were not responsible for Sarajevo shell attacks featured in indictment.
10 May 13
Expert witness says military “tolerated” excesses by irregular forces.