Recent Stories

24 May 10
Former police officer to serve sentence while ex-minister’s acquittal upheld.
24 May 10
Guardian journalist speaks of cooperation between Yugoslav military and Serb paramilitaries in early stages of Bosnian war.
14 May 10
Former Bosnian Serb police commander reveals how non-Serbs in the northern town were arrested and abused.
11 May 10
He withdraws claim that accused asked him to announce creation of Bosnian Serb interior ministry.
30 Apr 10
Witness says many of the people he shared a cell with were taken away and never seen again.
27 Apr 10
He says there were no Croatian military operations in Grubori on day Serb residents said to have been killed.
20 Apr 10
Court hears that defendant was not responsible for allocation of defence budget. By Velma Šarić in Sarajevo
3 Apr 10
Tolimir trial hears reconstruction of events following fall of enclave.
26 Mar 10
Witness said some contacted the Bosnian Serbs about joining them but didn’t know how.
20 Mar 10
Witness says Yugoslav troops could opt out of Sarajevo battle.