Recent Stories

1 Nov 13
Former close associate claims defendant exerted little authority over Bosnian Serb army.
18 Oct 13
Croat detainees were subsequently murdered and buried in mass grave.
16 Oct 13
Teenagers explore issues of tolerance after viewing documentary series.
20 Sep 13
Hadzic trial hears of curfews, deportations and mistreatment by Serb soldiers.
13 Sep 13
Former camp inmate describes “horrendous” conditions in detention.
6 Sep 13
Wartime staff officer says Croatian Serb administration had mandate to prosecute crimes by irregular forces.
30 Aug 13
Defendant seemed accommodating in talks but never took action on crimes he must have been aware of, witness says.
23 Aug 13
Goran Hadzic “would usually either deny knowing anything about them, or claim that these crimes were committed by individuals who were out of effective control”.
26 Jul 13
Forensic expert appearing for defence argues that many bodies did not date from July 1995 massacre.
20 Jul 13
But ex-army head “would have seen” the infamous Directive Seven.