Recent Stories

21 Feb 14
Former officials say they were unaware of mistreatment at Omarska and Keraterm detention centres.
14 Feb 14
Karadzic trial hears testimony from former guard commander at notorious detention centre.
18 Jan 14
Experts say the process was manipulated to suit political ends and stir ethnic tensions.
20 Dec 13
Lawyers say evidence does not demonstrate individual criminal responsibility.
13 Dec 13
Reynaud Theunens has previously testified numerous times for Hague prosecutors.
6 Dec 13
Expert’s analysis concludes that wartime commander played instrumental role.
2 Dec 13
Victims’ groups unhappy with recent rulings.
29 Nov 13
Former officer says detention facilities were readied for 1,000-1,200 Bosniaks, but the plan suddenly changed.
15 Nov 13
Bosnian Serb wartime politician Momcilo Krajisnik accuses the other side of seeking conflict.
8 Nov 13
Artillery expert disputes defence lawyer’s argument that mortars can’t be aimed accurately.