Recent Stories

7 Mar 14
Government too closely tied to Moscow to say anything controversial, although it plans to work with new Kiev leaders.
20 Jan 14
Highest appeals court disputes ombudsman’s findings, and insists bribery is punished, not encouraged.
9 Dec 13
Russian leader Vladimir Putin seals renewed alliance with trip to Yerevan, although some take to the streets for Ukrainian-style protest.
4 Nov 13
Strong reactions to moves to bind Yerevan’s economic future to Moscow.
13 Sep 13
Mutual recriminations as both sides note a rise in cross-border shooting.
29 Aug 13
While Baku says army conscript chose to defect, Yerevan says his rights as a captured combatant have been flouted.
2 Jul 13
Some experts warn of dangers of getting too close to Moscow, others of abandoning its protection.
13 May 13
President's party to control capital, as opposition groups claim electoral fraud.
5 Apr 13
Lecturer says he was sacked for supporting right to protest.
25 Mar 13
Net emigration caused by lack of jobs, but smaller labour pool could itself hamper economic growth