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4 Feb 14
Campaign groups say member states should give more to court fund to support projects in Kenya.
9 Oct 13
Those who suffered in Nairobi slum of Kibera encouraged by start of deputy president's case.
17 Sep 13
Amid growing opposition to Hague trials, international court’s role comes under spotlight.
5 Sep 13
The Nairobi slum was one of the worst hit areas during Kenya’s 2007-08 electoral violence but the crimes inflicted on its residents will not be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court.
9 May 13
Despite widespread fears of violence in the Nairobi slum, the general election in March went off peacefully.
14 Feb 13
Many who witnessed horrific events five years ago continue to suffer psychological effects of the unrest.
10 Dec 12
Groundbreaking development made public at launch of IWPR and Wayamo Foundation programme.