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4 Dec 13
Overuse of firewood leads to environmental problems in rural areas.
9 Aug 11
Campaigners say officials use controversial legislation to secure dubious convictions.
10 Jun 11
All too often, beating one’s children isn’t seen as wrong, expert says.
6 May 11
State-funded insurance scheme captures only minority of population.
1 Apr 11
Country has world’s sixth-highest number of prisoners per capita.
18 Feb 11
Labour migration, low birth rates and a strong preference for boys.
12 Oct 10
They say the authorities’ promises of new homes have failed to materialise.
20 Aug 10
Despite government aid schemes, villages along Georgia’s borders are emptying.
3 May 10
Experts warn that rocks washed down by rivers could bury Kvareli if heavy flood occurs.
8 Mar 10
Activists say more should be done to preserve historic structures in remote valley.