Recent Stories

4 Mar 14
Regulations aim to clamp down on illegal trade and stop people devising their own cures.
23 Sep 13
Deep divisions on latest campaign to bring back monuments to dictator.
22 Aug 13
Russian prime minister talks of improving relations five years after 2008 war, but makes it clear there will be no compromise on key issues.
24 Jun 13
Minister in charge of police at the time says he had no part in “inhuman” acts of torture.
2 Apr 13
President loses some powers, but his allies use vote to show they still count.
22 Mar 13
For some politicians, allowing official use of minority languages is first step towards separatism.
16 Jan 12
Law seems designed to prevent powerful oligarch funding opposition.
18 Jun 11
Opposition will have to work harder to convince voters it offers positive alternative to current administration.
12 Dec 10
Education minister brings cold wind of change into school system, imposing tough rules and deploying inspectors and hidden cameras to enforce them.
14 May 10
Liberals and religious radicals clash over controversial title on homosexuality and incest.