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30 May 09
His lawyer said he tried to encourage Serbs to remain in region.
26 May 09
While defence calls for their acquittal on all charges in the indictment.
26 May 09
They say they’re working with Serbian authorities to question legality of ruling.
26 May 09
Experts say EU support for Hague tribunal is not being followed up with sufficient backing for efforts to counter continued ethnic divisions.
26 May 09
Observers say the union must do more to promote lasting peace in region.
23 May 09
Proceedings against French journalist to take place next month.
16 May 09
Proceedings against Serbian police officials postponed again due to suspect’s poor health.
9 May 09
Judge asks prosecution to explain how all counts in indictment fit into single, “overarching” criminal plan.
9 May 09
Several groups had said they wanted to provide information which would contribute to a fair trial.
1 May 09
Prosecutors are seeking tougher sentences against former Yugoslav army officers, while defence has called for acquittals.