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2 Jun 10
Laws on immunity should have been changed, but progress has been disappointing.
6 May 10
Obama administration seems keen to move closer, but domestic critics of the court urge restraint.
15 Feb 10
Calls for greater scrutiny of tribunal proceedings grow louder in wake of decision to conceal parts of Serbia’s military archives from public.
5 Dec 09
Tribunal chief prosecutor says his office recognises “professionalism and commitment” of agencies tasked with tracking remaining fugitives.
26 Nov 09
Defendant reportedly says he won’t cooperate with new standby counsel and may appeal the appointment.
16 Nov 09
But Bosnian Serb commander’s sentence cut from 33 to 29 years after appeals judges acquit him of certain shelling incidents.
6 Nov 09
Karadzic case highlights sensitivities and challenges around key principle of justice.
11 Oct 09
Judges relent over reduction of charges but impose time limit for prosecution.
2 Oct 09
Stalemate as prosecutors decline trial chamber’s request to trim charges ahead of trial.
14 Sep 09
New judge sets start date and asks prosecutors to cut indictment against accused once again.