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10 Jan 11
Nairobi says it wants to prosecute 2007 election violence suspects, but some suggest it's not up to the task.
7 Jan 11
Agencies said to be reluctant to confront Sudanese government about obstructions to humanitarian aid effort.
7 Dec 10
IWPR’s international justice reporter Simon Jennings looks at the International Criminal Court’s achievements since it was founded eight years ago and considers what challenges lie ahead.
25 Nov 10
Town on border between Uganda and Sudan enjoying something of a boom, but there could be trouble ahead.
19 Nov 10
ICC prosecutors say situation is further evidence of an ongoing genocide campaign in Darfur.
28 Sep 10
Some believe traditional ways of resolving disputes should be encouraged to assist with conflict resolution.
3 Sep 10
Experts think sanctions unlikely against countries that fail to act on International Criminal Court indictment.
27 Aug 10
Government wants to move displaced Darfuris from Kalma camp to new locations.
4 Aug 10
Visit by Sudanese president shows ICC faces numerous obstacles in apprehending him on war crimes charges.
9 Jul 10
Year-long detention without charge of six displaced Darfuris leads to demands for scrapping of region’s emergency laws.