Recent Stories

15 Apr 12
Process of reintegrating rebel combatants will continue, but too little has been done to help victims.
8 Nov 11
Interests of justice seem to have suffered from overarching desire to remove regime figures from power.
25 Aug 11
Authorities should not miss chance to deliver justice following 20-year conflict with northern rebels.
11 Jul 11
As the first LRA rebel is set to face justice, experts wonder whether the court trying him can adequately handle the case.
4 Jul 11
Observers say all those allegedly involved in disclosure of protected witnesses should be brought to book.
25 May 11
President Museveni has yet to show how far he will go to quell grassroots protests.
19 Apr 11
Governments that pay for humanitarian effort must act to curb interference by Khartoum.
8 Mar 11
The Security Council’s referral of Libya to the Hague court highlights the limitations of international justice.