Recent Stories

11 Oct 12
Recent thaw in relations between Khartoum and South Sudan could be reversed without rapid territorial solution for contested region.
12 Jul 12
Protest participants “aware, angry and hungry”, but formal attempts at consolidate leadership fail to add momentum.
22 Jun 12
President under increasing pressure as student protests gather pace, but opposition forces still lack coherence.
7 Jun 12
Appeals judges in The Hague reject challenges from defence teams, but crucial legal definition remains unresolved.
18 May 12
Training programme in Juba ahead of new series addressing women’s rights in areas bordering Sudan.
18 May 12
As eastern region sees renewed violence, commentators question whether justice process actually deters atrocities.
16 May 12
Analysts say capture of senior Lord’s Resistance Army commander does not signal disintegration of rebel group.
3 May 12
Widespread concerns that under-resourced local government and police are not doing enough on child protection.
27 Apr 12
Former Liberian president successfully prosecuted for war crimes, though command responsibility not proved.
24 Apr 12
Despite prosecutor’s pledge to look again at rejected cases, focus now likely to shift to trials of four others accused of election violence.