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14 Jun 08
Defence says charges not proven, while prosecution calls for conviction and 15-year jail term.
14 Jun 08
Claimants say his departure just before case is heard could diminish their chances of winning.
6 Jun 08
Chief prosecutor said there has been no notable progress in delivering remaining suspects to Hague.
6 Jun 08
Former politician says Bosnian Serb leadership aimed to achieve goals through negotiation, rather than military action.
27 May 08
Serbia left deeply divided by the agreement with the European Union, while international observers say the deal should not have been offered before the election.
26 May 08
Sir Geoffrey Nice tells IWPR seminar that ICTY should review procedures dealing with confidentiality.
16 May 08
Croatian official testifies that authorities provided Bosniak refugees with aid and shelter during war.
25 Apr 08
Appeals chamber rules Enver Hadzihasanovic not responsible for crimes committed by foreign Muslim fighters.
25 Apr 08
But Seselj tells court his volunteers had nothing to do with the crimes.
24 Apr 08
President wants to sign deal, while opposition parties claim it would be in breach of Serbian constitution.