Recent Stories

11 Sep 13
Defence for William Ruto unleashes tirade against prosecution’s conduct of investigation.
9 Sep 13
Both sides warn against witness intimidation.
8 Jul 13
Judges accused of bowing to political pressure after deciding that Kenya’s deputy president can stay away from most of his trial.
18 Jun 13
As the court asks for a bigger budget, it will need to consider where cost savings can be made.
5 Jun 13
Supporters of ICC urge prosecutors to probe allegations that officials have targeted witnesses.
22 Mar 13
Dropping of charges against Kenyan suspect raises serious questions about role of witnesses.
13 Feb 13
Public hearings strengthen local judiciary, but some experts say they don’t reflect full range of crimes.
23 Jan 13
Training and support for staff of country’s leading media on international justice and political reporting.
10 Dec 12
Groundbreaking development made public at launch of IWPR and Wayamo Foundation programme.
12 Oct 12
Reporters will be mentored as they work on programmes for an audience of four million.