Recent Stories

28 Mar 14
Experts highlight security weaknesses that could endanger entire cases.
10 Feb 14
Nairobi event will discuss whether prosecutions are the key to accountability in Africa.
4 Feb 14
Panel can probe allegations of staff misconduct but has no powers to investigate prosecution.
3 Feb 14
Observers surprised that Fatou Bensouda has not done more to urge Nairobi to be more cooperative.
20 Jan 14
Commentators welcome greater funding but say more is needed to allow court to do its job.
13 Dec 13
Despite Uhuru Kenyatta’s comments, critics say a series of new laws generated by government is designed to curtail freedoms, not increase them.
12 Dec 13
But legal experts are divided on whether judges will apply the new rules, and what the consequences for international justice will be.
21 Oct 13
Observers say lessons urgently need to be learnt from prosecution failings.
17 Oct 13
Analysts doubt request for United Nations Security Council to defer Kenyan trials in The Hague will be successful.
6 Oct 13
Government is under obligation to arrest suspect wanted for bribing witnesses, they say.