Recent Stories

7 Aug 13
Still hanging on as president, Mikheil Saakashvili is threatened with investigation by a hostile government.
14 Feb 12
Work under way to issue identification papers allowing access to public services.
6 Jan 12
As old kiosks are swept away, newspaper vendors say they can't afford upmarket premises now on offer.
16 Sep 11
Children miss out on education, adults on full benefits of citizenship.
19 Aug 11
Job creation schemes have failed to stop workers voting with their feet.
2 May 11
Lawyers say the country’s laws are far behind the best international practice when it comes to securing disabled rights.
18 Mar 11
Overall trend seems to be towards less female representation in elected and appointed posts.
4 Mar 11
Legislative changes strengthen police and weaken right to public protest.
15 Jan 11
Controversial plan to move refugees from Abkhazian and South Ossetian conflict out of Tbilisi.
7 Jan 11
Fears that security measures designed to ward off foreign meddling may be used to stifle domestic opposition.