Recent Stories

21 Mar 14
Ilgar Mammadov and Tofiq Yaqublu convicted of inciting a riot although they weren't in town when it happened.
14 Mar 14
Sustained, regime-shaking demonstrations seem out of the question in Azerbaijan.
17 Dec 13
Ten years after his death, Heydar Aliyev still looms large over the country.
25 Jul 13
Unable to match Baku’s big spending, Armenia relies on special relationship with Moscow.
25 Jun 13
Different political environment deters Azerbaijanis from coming out onto the streets.
22 May 13
In latest political arrest, officials accuse youth activist of making dance video.
3 May 13
Reporters blackmailed, threatened and attacked as government clamps down further ahead of presidential election.
12 Apr 13
Depending on taste, repeated mentions of the Aliyevs are healthy instruction, alarming indoctrination, or a good way of getting your book published.
2 Apr 13
Since one in ten of the population uses the popular networking site, old-fashioned restrictions may not work any more.
4 Mar 13
Devout Muslims say freedom of confession under attack.