Recent Stories

13 Jun 12
Group formed after December’s violence in Janaozen fails to capture public imagination.
25 Apr 12
Colleague says assault on Lukpan Ahmedyarov meant as strong message to anyone thinking of voicing dissent.
24 Apr 12
Dispute over fuel supply resolved for now, but angry rhetoric reflects longstanding mistrust.
28 Mar 12
Tense mood at start of court case in which demonstrators, not those who fired shots, are on trial.
28 Mar 12
Rights activist doubts proceedings will shed much light on what really happened.
19 Mar 12
Recently released human rights activist describes conditions on the inside, and the reasons why the authorities prefer repression to other options.
5 Mar 12
Europarliament member describes meetings with oil town residents, and how the Kazak authorities are responding in the aftermath of violence.
18 Feb 12
Beijing wants to tap region’s energy resources, and is prepared to fund and build pipelines to get them.
22 Dec 11
MEP pressing for European Union action against Kazak government following Janaozen violence.