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11 Mar 14
While local leaders do not want to go against Moscow, the spectacle of Russian troops entering a former Soviet state is unsettling.
10 Dec 13
Two years on, new documentary recalls the tragic events the authorities tried to bury.
20 Aug 13
Militant groups could use greater freedom of movement within Afghanistan to target countries to the north, experts say.
12 Jul 13
NGOs say government decisions affecting young people must be designed hand in hand with them, not imposed on them.
2 Jul 13
After demolishing political opposition, authorities turn on other critical voices.
17 Jun 13
Government backs down on controversial bill after pressure from women’s groups.
14 Jun 13
NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan adds urgency to Russian policymaking, regional expert says.
6 Jun 13
Government's opponents are using local grievances to pursue their own interests, analysts say.
2 May 13
Court hears that they hid evidence to protect the younger Tsarnaev brother.
28 Mar 13
Controversial scheme would restrict foreign travel for young women, instead of trying to curb violence perpetrated by their countrymen.