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29 Oct 12
Public opinion sharply divided, but at least issues are now being talked about openly.
10 Aug 12
Health ministry says it is making inroads, but stronger laws would help.
18 May 12
Border villagers say life feels like the war never ended.
21 Apr 12
Attempt to build cultural bridges sparks anger, though it’s unclear whether protests were genuine or stage-managed.
5 Apr 12
Benefits fail to provide safety-net for all vulnerable families, UN officer says.
30 Mar 12
Azerbaijani officials insist Armenian-held entity must not reopen airport, and suggest passenger planes flying on “illegal” route might be shot down.
11 Nov 11
Sceptics question administration’s will to take on big fish who don’t pay all their taxes.
10 Jul 11
Corruption and tax evasion have increased inequality.
27 May 11
Many believe NGOs are the real area where lobbying for policy changes is effective.
26 Oct 10
While Azerbaijan says it captured a spy who committed suicide, Armenians say he was a shepherd and was deliberately killed.