Recent Stories

21 Feb 14
Khadija Ismayil published a document on the secret service spying on the opposition. Prosecutors say that's a state secret.
18 Dec 13
Western diplomats join local rights groups in questioning tax evasion charges against Anar Mammadli.
19 Sep 13
Law stipulates level playing field for all eight contenders, but there’s little doubt who is going to win.
5 Sep 13
People suspect shifting deadlines for new housing and other infrastructure are an election tactic intended to make them grateful.
16 May 13
Once again, a minor incident quickly blows up into an expression of wider discontent.
15 Jun 12
With international attention fading, government turns its attention to Eurovision “spoilers”.
28 May 12
Everything is cheaper south of the border, and healthcare is perceived as better as well.
18 Apr 12
Idrak Abbasov placed in intensive care after assault while filming house demolition.
23 Dec 11
“Gorbachev blew his chance” to reconstitute Soviet Union, Ayaz Mutallibov says.
4 Nov 11
Some question wisdom of security walls, arguing that they might be seen as tacit admission that Armenian-held lands are lost forever.