Recent Stories

26 Feb 10
Rita Borbukeeva reports on the impact the power cuts imposed all across Kyrgyzstan this winter have had on a children’s hospital in Issykkul province in the north of Kyrgyzstan.
30 Oct 09
Permanent residents of towns on the shores of Lake Issykkul are unhappy about having to tidy up after the summer tourists.
8 Sep 09
The trial of opposition activists accused of creating disturbances on election day has been delayed for a second time.
4 Aug 09
Rita Borbukeeva reports from the town of Balykchi, where opposition members are angry at the continuing detention of protesters over the conduct of the presidential election.
8 Jul 09
Members of opposition parties are stepping down in large numbers from local electoral commissions, claiming they are being pressured to leave by local government officials.
2 Jul 09
So many people in Kyrgyzstan keep livestock that the authorities are struggling to impose health regulations, leading to a heightened risk of animal-to-human disease transmission.
15 May 09
Tourists visiting Lake Issykkul, Kyrgyzstan’s main holiday destination, are on their own if they venture out into the water, and drownings are common.
28 Apr 09
Reporter Rita Borbukeeva investigated the acute shortage of teaching staff in Kyrgyzstan, and found classrooms full of children without anyone to teach them.
6 Apr 09
The resorts around the picturesque Lake Issykkul are busy preparing for summer, hoping the economic downturn affecting Kyrgyzstan’s neighbours will be good for them.